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Rodent Control in the South Bay Area

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Rodents: Rats and Mice

As you walk into the kitchen, you notice something out of the corner of your eye. Because it is such a surprise, you scream. Looking back at you is a large rat and in its hands is a cube of cheese — your cheese!

Somehow the rat got into your food.

You have a few choices before you. You could pack up that moment and leave the house, never looking back. You could padlock your fridge in an attempt to stop rats or mice from getting in. You could set up rodent traps.

You think about it and realize that none of these will work. Moving would be overreacting and rather expensive. Padlocking your fridge probably wouldn’t fix the situation. And, having to dispose of the rodent’s dead body doesn’t top your “things you want to do in your life” list.


Prevention is one of the best ways to dealing with a rodent problem. Cleaning up after yourself after making a meal means that the rodents have no food to survive. Putting away food that might be sitting out on the counter also removes the food source for the rodents.

Keeping your floors clean is a clear revocation of the invitation that dirty floors make to rats and mice. By sweeping and vacuuming weekly, you let the rodents know that they aren’t welcome in your home.

How We Can Help

If you do happen to have a rodent problem, know that it can be fixed with our rodent control services. Contact South Bay Pest Control to rid yourself of any rodent problem that might be happening in your house of building.