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Landscape Pest Control in the South Bay Area

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Landscape Pests: Moles and Gophers

One day, you might be walking along your property when you suddenly trip. You catch yourself before falling on your face, but your ankle gets a painful twinge from the fall.

As you go back to examine what happened, you notice a large hole in the ground that you must have stepped in. Where could that have come from? You wonder as you try to piece together what’s happening.

A few days pass, and you trip on another hole! This is too much to just be a coincidence.

You might have gophers or moles — landscape pests — that have decided to make your property their new home. This is a problem because, as you have experienced, a tenant might trip on one of the holes, causing a serious headache in your future.


One of the best ways to prevent a landscape pest infestation is to landscape your property. Instead of leaving it to grow wild, you need to be working on the land. This prevents the moles and gophers from moving into your property because the rightful owner is already using it.

In caring for your lawn or landscape, remember to actively do things that make it seem like you are on the lawn a lot but also looks beautiful for those viewing the yard. Have the lawn mowed. Plant different types of flowers. Get rid of weeds in the yard. Trim and prune the trees and bushes that you have planted.

When You Need Us

If you do get an infestation of gophers and moles, don’t hesitate to call. Call South Bay Pest Control immediately. It is better to deal with these infestations when they’re small.

But, if you didn’t notice until yesterday when you saw ten holes, don’t fret. We can take care of that too. Contact us today.