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Landscape Pest Control in the South Bay Area

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Landscape Pests: Moles and Gophers

Gophers and moles can destroy your garden or lawn. We can help with gopher and mole removal, and offer advice on how to prevent their return.


One of the best ways to prevent moles and gophers pest infestation is to get rid of weeds and keep your lawn mowed.  Limit the moles' food supply by controlling grubs in your lawn.  Moles also like soft, damp earth, so avoid over-watering.

When You Need Us

If you do get an infestation of gophers and moles, don’t hesitate to call us immediately. It is better to deal with these infestations when they’re small.

But, if you didn’t notice until yesterday when you saw ten holes, don’t fret. We can take care of that too. Contact us today.