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Insect Control in the South Bay Area


There are many common household bugs and insects that homeowners in the South Bay Area have to deal with.  . 

Interior Insects

It is never fun to have insects entering your house. Seeing an insect that seeks to make your home its new palace is never an enjoyable experience. Interior insects can include but are not limited to fleas, roaches and ants.


Fleas can enter your home through your daily wanderings or the adventures of your animals. Fleas aren’t what you want in your house.

A flea infestation can happen if you have a dog or cat. Fleas attach to the coat of the animal and are then brought into the house. It can also occur if you bring back fleas from a hike or campout.

As a parasitic insect, a flea wants to be able to live off of your body, stealing away needed nutrients. They cause itching and rashes on your skin. A flea infestation is not something you want to deal with.


A roach infestation is usually caused by leaving out food for the roaches to consume. Roaches, as foraging insects, want to eat the food you’ve left out. As such, they enter your house, seeking for it.

A roach infestation occurs when one roach finds a source of food. Some roaches display collective decision-making. When one roach finds food, that roach seeks out other roaches to bring them to the source. This causes an infestation to happen. And no one wants giant black insects crawling everywhere.


Ants also forage for food. When one ant finds a food source, that ant communicates to the other ants and more will appear. Having these tiny creatures cover your kitchen and your food is never a good situation.

Bees, Wasps and Yellow Jackets

No one wants to be stung or bitten by a bee, wasp or yellow jacket. Whenever you see a nest growing near your roof or somewhere on your property, be sure to contact us. Nests can be identified as white growths from your house or on your property or if bees, wasps and yellow jackets are seen swarming somewhere on your property.

What We Do

As exterminators, it is important to contact us whenever you think an infestation is occurring. At your first sight of these insects, give your local pest control service a call to set up an estimate.