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Total Pest Control for Apartment Buildings in the Bay Area


Apartment Building Problems

Apartment buildings have unique problems with pests. With so many people living in the same area, a pest control problem can grow from a small issue to a large problem quickly. If one apartment gets roaches or mice, those pesky pests can easily migrate to other apartments in a short amount of time.

Landscape pests can also become a gigantic problem for apartment complexes. Moles and gophers can move in quickly, burrowing into the lawn and causing tenants to fall and have an accident. No apartment manager wants to deal with that.

Apartment Building Solutions

We’re here to help apartment buildings manage their pest control problems.

We provide pest control for insects (both interior and exterior), rodents and landscape pests. Whether you’re dealing with bees and wasps attacking your tenants or rats scurrying across the kitchen, we’re your first stop — your only stop — for solving your pest control problems.

Because we are local and family-owned and -operated, we can customize your solution to your pest control problems. We provide monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly control options. We are licensed and bonded in the state of California to care for apartment pest problems. We use chemical-free solutions to keep your tenants safe from harm.

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